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Anytime you bail out a friend or loved one you’re taking a chance. If the accused heads for the hills after being released and is never heard from again you are going to lose and lose big. If you paid cash instead of using a bondsman that cash will be forfeited. If you posted a property bond the court may foreclose on your house and sell it to get the bail amount, and if you enlisted the help of a bail bonds agent they are going to come knockin...


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The bondsman is often confused with the bounty hunter but while they sometimes find themselves working together they are in fact two distinctly different professions. The bail bonds agent helps those who have been incarcerated and charged with a crime earn their freedom while they are awaiting trial. While the bounty hunter is employed by the bail agent in the event that one of his clients decides to disappear while out on bail.

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The concept of bail bonds goes back nearly a thousand years in English common law and migrated to the United States during the colonial period. It was such a key feature of American justice at the time of the nation’s founding that it got its own mention in the Bill of Rights where the 8th amendment states flatly that “Excessive bail shall not be required”. (The founders wanted to prevent the practice of holding people in custody by means of ex...


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