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Jefferson County Jail Infographic

This infographic demonstrates how ineffective the Jefferson County, Colorado Bail Reform Project was at ensuring defendants return to court once offered pretrial release options


Guns and Bail

Gun and gravel

When a person is arrested for a crime they are brought to the local jail and processed. After processing they are often given the opportunity to post bail without ever seeing a judge or magistrate. All jails in Jefferson County, Arapahoe County and Denver County have bail schedules that state the bail amount due for different offences (bail for a DUI for example is typically $5,000). The accused is given the option of paying the full amount o...


Appeal Bond

Most people are aware of the constitutional right to bail but are often a bit fuzzy on the specifics. The concept of bail is nearly a thousand years old and has changed little over the centuries. Its primary purpose is to ensure that a person accused of a crime - who is after all presumed innocent - is not forced to sit in jail while awaiting trial as if she were guilty. It also provides an incentive for the accused to show up in court at the a...


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