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New Jersey Bail Reform

With so-called bail bonds reform a hot topic in Colorado these days it’s important that taxpayers, the ones who will actually pay the price for bail reform failure, keep in mind the sad case of New Jersey. Oftentimes wolves come dressed in sheep’s clothing and that was certainly the case in 2014. That year bail reform was put to New Jersey voters in the form of a ballot question that seemed like a straightforward proposal that would allow the s...


Why Colorado Needs Bail

Welcome to Colorado

Although those in favor of eliminating the centuries-old bail bonds system suffered a much deserved setback last year in the Colorado state senate, that hasn’t stopped them from trying to saddle taxpayers with their backward, short-sighted ideas. In fact, as you read this lobbyists are working the corridors of power in Denver trying to get legislators behind new efforts to eliminate cash bail. In its stead they propose using a deeply flawed com...


Monopoly Get Out of Jail Free Card

There has been a lot of talk recently about bail reform with a particular focus on something called “risk assessment algorithms”. The driving force behind the discussion is a desire by some on the left to circumvent the constitutional right to bail. According to them the constitution is irrelevant and computer programmers are better able to determine whether someone should be released pending trial than judges and prosecutors. Bail agents in pa...


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