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If you have an arrest warrant hanging over your head you live your life in a constant state of dread. Every time someone knocks on your door or you get stopped for a traffic violation you have that sinking feeling in your gut that says “Is this it?” It’s not a good situation and it raises the question of whether or not you would just be better off turning yourself in. In this post the team at Tayler Made Bail Bond company answer some frequently asked questions about turning yourself in.

Question 1: How do I know if there is an active arrest warrant out on me?

You can find out by searching local government websites. If you’re in Denver County, you will find their website here. If you are in another county like Jefferson County, just do a Google search for that county’s official website. Once on the site search for “arrest warrant”. This should take you to the page on their site that lists currently active arrest warrants. If you are wary about searching gov’t sites you can ask a bonding company to conduct the search for you, though you may need to pay a fee.

Question 2: Why turn yourself in?

If your search reveals there is an active warrant out for your arrest it’s in your best long-term interest to deal with it ASAP. If you let it fester it will only make it that much harder and uncomfortable to resolve the situation and could result in other charges being brought against you. By turning yourself in you demonstrate to the court that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions. That alone could be the difference between being granted bail and being denied bail.

Question 3: Where do I turn myself in?

You can turn yourself in at your local county jail or at any one of the Colorado Department of Corrections’ 21 facilities. Each facility will have a website giving its address and most will also list the times they will accept individuals turning themselves in. Try not to pick a facility at random. The best idea is always to turn yourself in at the county jail where your arrest warrant was issued. Turning yourself in elsewhere will only lead to delays in processing as you will need to be extradited to the proper jail.

Question 4: What should I bring with me when I turn myself in?

The most important thing to bring is an officially issued photo ID, such as a passport, driver’s license or military ID. If you are taking any prescription medications make sure you bring those too. They should be in a clearly marked pharmaceutical bottle with all relevant information on the label. It’s also a good idea to bring the number of a bail bond agent. Finally, you might want to leave your smartphone behind since it will only be confiscated during processing anyway.

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Living with an arrest warrant over your head is no way to live. If you discover there is an active warrant for your arrest, consider turning yourself in. If you’ve been granted bail after turning yourself in call Tayler Made Bail Bonding at (303) 623-0399 any time of the day or night. We’ll have you home in no time.

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