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In 2014 New Jersey voters were fooled into approving an amendment to the state constitution. A ballot question was presented that seemed to imply that state wanted to make it easier to detain potentially dangerous criminals who were awaiting trial. Of course concerned citizens approved this seemingly common sense initiative. When the changes went into effect in 2017 however, it became apparent that writers of the ballot question had pulled a fa...


Monopoly Get Out of Jail Free Card

There has been a lot of talk recently about bail reform with a particular focus on something called “risk assessment algorithms”. The driving force behind the discussion is a desire by some on the left to circumvent the constitutional right to bail. According to them the constitution is irrelevant and computer programmers are better able to determine whether someone should be released pending trial than judges and prosecutors. Bail agents in pa...


Welcome criminals to California

In the final days of his governorship Jerry Brown of California signed into law a bill that went by the innocuous title of “SB10”. That is, Senate Bill 10. When it first came before the California legislature SB10 was hailed as the answer to everything that ails the American bail system. In one fell swoop unjust incarcerations would be eliminated, poverty would be decriminalized, those fine upstanding B&E guys who work Potrero Hill in San Franc...


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