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Bail reform has been a spectacular success, if skyrocketing homicides, aggravated assaults, sexual assaults and robberies are how you measure success. In Colorado, where the bail bonding company had been part of the criminal justice landscape since the 19th century, reforms have led to an outrageous spike in crime.

If you are skeptical about that let's look at some recent crime statistics issued by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation:



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In December of 2020, Marcus Garvin of Indianapolis was arrested and charged with stabbing a person at a local convenience store. Bail in that case was initially set at $30,000. That was later reduced to $1,500 against the objections of prosecutors, who considered him dangerous. Rather than calling a bail bond agent, Garvin's family reached out to The Bail Project who posted bail for him, free of charge. 7 months later in July 2021, Garvin was...


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There are few issues more contentious than that of bail reform. As recently as 2019 there was still considerable momentum to do away with cash bail and those behind the movement were able to stand in front of cameras and, with a more-or-less straight face, declare that 24-hour bail bonds somehow made us all less safe.

And then 2020 happened.

The death of several suspects during encounters with police provided the excuse for months of loot...


Liberals seem to think that getting rid of bail is the solution. However, it is anything but.

We stand strong in the fact that our 24-hour bail bonds help public safety more than any radical legislation ever could. As a bail bond company, we have the public in mind with every step we take.

Bail reform has gotten out of hand. It’s putting families at risk, insulting victims, and prioritizing criminals. Affordable bail bonds are the right w...


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Recent events in Wisconsin where a career criminal ran down revelers gathered for the annual Christmas parade in the town of Waukesha, killing 6 and injuring more than 60, should have been a national wake-up call regarding the total failure of bail reform.

The alleged driver in that incident had a lengthy rap sheet, (which included being a registered sex offender with an outstanding arrest warrant from Nevada), and had been arrested just week...


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As professionals working in the jail bond industry, we’re keeping tabs on winds of change, and the political whims in Washington and elsewhere that could affect our livelihoods.


  • What’s going on in the White House between the President and Vice President in terms of their collective stance on cash bail and judicial system reform?
  • Are personal recognizance bonds worth the trouble?
  • Do you know enough about types of bail bonds to e...


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If you’re a bail bond agent in Lakewood or elsewhere in Colorado, that odor you smell isn’t imaginary. It’s the real deal, wafting across the country from Illinois, California, and New York. In those states, proponents of cash bail “reform” (i.e.: eventually getting rid of it completely by shoving poorly written legislation down the throats of millions of ill-informed voters) are still at it, conniving, cajoling, employing ham-fisted attempts...


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