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Comparison shopping is something you do with cars or refrigerators or TVs. Not bail agents. Likewise, the idea of grilling someone before deciding to work with them is a process that’s reserved for contractors. Right? You sit down with the roofer or landscaper and ask some questions to determine whether they’re trustworthy and knowledgeable. You don’t do that with a bondsman. Or do you? The fact is that not all bail bond agents are created equa...


Bail Bond Reform

In 2014 New Jersey voters were fooled into approving an amendment to the state constitution. A ballot question was presented that seemed to imply that state wanted to make it easier to detain potentially dangerous criminals who were awaiting trial. Of course concerned citizens approved this seemingly common sense initiative. When the changes went into effect in 2017 however, it became apparent that writers of the ballot question had pulled a fa...


Make the Right Decision

Being arrested can be scary and disorienting. Fortunately, the American system of justice allows individuals accused of a crime to be released on bail while they await their day in court. It’s an important component of our legal system and one that, while not perfect, has nonetheless worked well since the days of the Founding Fathers. At Tayler Made Bail Bonds we work with all types of people from all walks of life. But regardless of their ba...


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