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Released from jail

While the 8th Amendment to the Constitution protects the accused against “excessive” bail it doesn’t really go any further than that. There are no other mentions of bail in the Constitution, no explicit right to bail spelled out or guidelines for the various states to follow. Just a quick mention that “Excessive bail shall not be required…” That’s it. As a result, the nature of bail is different as you move from state to state. Some states have...


Vacation when on bail

Until they’ve had their day in court a person who has been arrested has done nothing wrong as far as the law is concerned. So keeping them locked up under such circumstances is just not right. And that’s where bail bonds come in. Bail allows the accused to resume their normal life while awaiting trial. But does that mean you can do whatever you like if you’re out on bail? What if, for instance, you had an international vacation already planned...


Bail Money

Police in the US made more than 13,000,000 arrests last year. Many of those arrests were for infractions that required a person to be bailed out unless they wanted to spend perhaps months in jail while awaiting their day in court. Most people are familiar with the concept of bail although many harbor misconceptions and questions about how it actually works. One of the biggest issues on the minds of people who bail out loved ones is this: “What...


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