Six Things to Keep in Mind If You’ve Been Arrested

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Getting arrested is likely to arouse a variety of feelings, not many of them good. You’ll no doubt be angry, resentful and to a certain extent, you’re likely to feel a sense of disbelief that it’s happening to you. As you’re sitting in the patrol car or police van, anger and resentment are likely to morph into fear and uncertainty. Where will they take you? Will you be safe? How do you notify loved ones of your predicament? How do you contact a bail bond agent?

It can all be a confusing blur, but the most important thing is to keep your head about you. You might also want to memorize the following tips to ensure you spend as little time as possible confined in a cell.

Six Things to Keep in Mind If You’ve Been Arrested

As your hands are being pulled behind you and the cuffs applied, the seriousness of your situation is likely to hit you like a ton of bricks. But while the whole episode can be confusing and more than a little scary things will go a lot smoother if you keep the following in mind:

  1. You do not have to consent to a search: If you are pulled over in a vehicle in Golden or Lakewood and the police ask for permission to search the car you do not have to give it. In some cases simply declining their request will be enough to prevent them from searching the vehicle. However, you must be aware that if they have reason to suspect there is evidence of a crime in your car they can search it without your permission. If they find evidence and arrest you the car will be impounded and any evidence recovered from the vehicle can be used against you in court.
  2. Do not resist arrest: It’s natural for people to resist being put in handcuffs and carted away against their will. But resisting arrest will only add to your legal woes. The bottom line is that no matter how unfair or unjustified your arrest may seem, the smart thing to do is to keep your mouth shut and avoid arguing with, hitting, running away from or verbally badgering the police. Resisting arrest greatly increases your chance of being injured, or worse, and it will be taken into consideration by the court when you finally appear to face the charges against you.
  3. Don’t say anything: You have the right to remain silent and you would be wise to exercise that right until you speak to an attorney. Regardless of the charges against you, the best course of action is to provide the police with your personal information so that they can process you and save any additional information about the event that led to your arrest for your court appearance. If the police attempt to question you just invoke the 5th amendment. In most cases, it won't affect your ability to be bailed out one way or the other.
  4. Ask to speak with an attorney: In many cases, it won't be necessary to talk to an attorney. Instead, the police will simply inform you of the bail amount and let you call a bondsman. However, if you're accused of a particularly heinous crime the police may be anxious to speak with you. In such cases, it's in your interest to invoke your 5th amendment rights and say you want to speak to an attorney. That will likely put a quick end to the questioning. If you can't afford an attorney one will be arranged for you (a public defender).
  5. Make notes: As soon as it is possible to do so write down everything you remember of the event that led to your arrest including: where it happened and when, who was involved, whether you were alone or in a group, whether weapons were involved, whether alcohol or drugs played a role, whether your car was searched without your consent, and other details. Also if possible, make a note of the arresting officer's names and badge numbers and whether the arresting officers were local or state police or members of a federal police agency. Also, make note of any injuries you may have sustained during the event or the arrest process. Turn this information over to your attorney as it may help them devise a defense strategy.
  6. Arrange for bail as soon as possible: Once you are booked (and presuming you will not be held over for a bail hearing) the police should inform you of the bail amount. You can pay it out of your pocket if you wish, but a better idea is to contact a bonding company like Tayler Made and speak to a bail bond agent. Inform them of where you are, what the charges are and what the bail amount is and then answer any other questions they may have for you. Remember Tayler Made offers 24-hour bail bonds so no matter what time of the day or night you are arrested they can help.

For Affordable Bail Bonds in Denver County, Contact Tayler Made

Regardless of the circumstances of your arrest, the entire process will go smoother if you keep the above tips in mind. And if you or a loved one are in need of bail make sure your first call is to Tayler Made Bail Bonds at (303) 623-0399.

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