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Take a Closer Look at the Bail Project's Biggest Flaws

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In December of 2020, Marcus Garvin of Indianapolis was arrested and charged with stabbing a person at a local convenience store. Bail in that case was initially set at $30,000. That was later reduced to $1,500 against the objections of prosecutors, who considered him dangerous. Rather than calling a bail bond agent, Garvin's family reached out to The Bail Project who posted bail for him, free of charge. 7 months later in July 2021, Garvin was arrested again and this time charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend Christie Holt.

Also in Indianapolis, a man named Travis Lang was arrested in January 2021 on charges of possession of cocaine. Records indicated Lang had a lengthy history of criminal activity and was awaiting trial for breaking and entering and burglary, among other things. Lang reached out to The Bail Project who posted bail for him no-questions-asked and he was released. 10 months later, on October 1, 2021, Lang was arrested for the murder of 24-year-old Dylan McGinnis.

So who exactly is The Bail Project and why are they rushing to put potentially dangerous individuals back on the streets?

The Bail Project in a Nutshell

Most people would agree that someone who poses no danger to the public should not be held in jail indefinitely just because they cannot afford to post bail. If the goal of The Bail Project was simply to identify such individuals and help them gain their freedom then one might say it was a noble organization with a noble cause. But affordable bail bonds are not the goal of The Bail Project.

The goal of The Bail Project is to undermine the very institution of bail by employing what it calls “bail disruptors”. The job of the bail disruptor is to circumvent the bail bond company by posting bail for anyone who cannot afford to post their own bail, regardless of the crime the person is accused of and regardless of their criminal history. It was Bail Project disruptors who bailed out both Garvin and Lang.

The Bail Project has been around for 5 years and has offices in 22 locations throughout the US. It raises money to pay for bail through crowdsourcing. The founders of The Bail Project are on record saying that what a defendant is accused of, and what they might do after being bailed out, is irrelevant. They, in their infinite wisdom, are focused on “the big picture” and if that means that murderers and rapists walk the streets next to your children, well, so be it.

Think we are exaggerating? Listen to David Gaspar, National Operations Director of The Bail Project. In a recent interview, Gaspar discussed why his organization would bail out potentially dangerous individuals before conducting a search of publicly available probable cause affidavits. These affidavits include information regarding the crime the person is accused of and whether they represent a threat to public safety.

“...for us to have to wait for that [the probable cause affidavit], there's more and more harm being inflicted upon an individual, not to mention the harms and the trauma that comes along with just being incarcerated in general.”

His only concern is that dangerous thugs might have their feelings hurt if they're forced to stay in jail while awaiting trial. And then there is this from Greg Lewin, former Director of the anti-bonding company Minnesota Freedom Fund who stated that what someone is charged with is “not the point”, before adding “F**k the courts.”

And there's more.

In April 2019 a Bail Project disruptor working in St Louis, Missouri bailed out Samuel Scott who had been accused of domestic violence. Scott promptly returned home and bludgeoned his wife to death. When faced with this appalling truth Bail Project founder Robin Steinberg stated “Domestic violence will not be resolved by keeping people in jail.” Maybe not. But Scott's wife would likely still be alive if Steinberg's cronies had not bailed him out.

Fat Salaries and Endless Perks: The Real Goal of The Bail Project?

It's becoming increasingly clear that the work of The Bail Project and other organizations like them represent nothing less than a frontal assault on the public interest. But why? Well, there is more than a little evidence to suggest that these organizations, flush with millions of dollars in donations, are nothing more than a way for their directors to provide themselves 6-figure salaries using anonymously donated funds. Robin Steinberg, for example, has granted herself an annual salary of $303,000 (plus expenses and other perks). That's a lot of money that could have gone to bailing people out.

Coming Soon to a Town Near You

Colorado residents who might be tempted to think that The Bail Project would never have any reason to set up shop here should think again. At the end of 2021, The Bail Project opened their first office in Brighton, CO. Meaning that they are already hard at work disrupting the bail system and releasing potentially dangerous individuals onto the streets of Denver, Lakewood, Golden and elsewhere.


The primary concern of anti-bail zealots is to undermine the bail system, not to provide 24-hour bail bonds for people who pose no danger but are being held because they can't afford bail. Their indifference to the public interest is evident every time they open their mouths. And the fruit of their labor is unfortunately all too visible in the form of the Samuel Scott's, Marcus Garvin's and Travis Lang's of the world.

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