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How New York Bail Reform Has Failed Us

Liberals seem to think that getting rid of bail is the solution. However, it is anything but.

We stand strong in the fact that our 24-hour bail bonds help public safety more than any radical legislation ever could. As a bail bond company, we have the public in mind with every step we take.

Bail reform has gotten out of hand. It’s putting families at risk, insulting victims, and prioritizing criminals. Affordable bail bonds are the right way forward.

We are dedicated to creating criminal justice solutions - not fear-mongering legislation. Our team protects the constitutional right to bail and will continue to do so.

The Problem With Bail Bonding Reform

Over the past decade we have heard the same argument over and over again from the left: getting rid of bail for low-level offenders helps keep people out of prison, reduces crime rates and repeat offenders, and increases fairness in the judicial process.

But as is obvious in New York, which has some of the strongest anti-bail bills in the nation, that is anything but the truth.

"New York State Senator Robert G. Ortt is calling on the NY Senate, Assembly Republicans, Country Executive Blakeman, and Law Enforcement to restore public safety."

Along with Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay, fellow Republicans, and law enforcement professionals, Ortt is calling for an immediate restoration of bail to protect the public.

No one in New York should have to feel unsafe walking down the street knowing that radical extremists (regrettably in charge of the State Legislature) are letting dangerous criminals escape the judicial system bail-free.

This is an insult to victims of crime, law-abiding citizens, and hardworking law enforcement who work to keep communities in order.

"The facts are in: New York City undid five years of police progress in 2021 alone. With increases in every single category of major crime, levels have returned to the crime levels of 2016."

The total major crime tally- including murder and rape- counted over 100,000 incidents.

Felony assaults were the highest since 2001, and jumped nearly 10% from 2020.

With this alarming increase in crime, why would now be the time to reduce bail? Criminals should not be placed above everybody else. “It’s time to restore common sense and public safety to our state,” exclaimed Ortt.

Citizen safety should be a top priority to those in charge, which is truthfully the main duty of holding public office. So why have we let radicals put people in danger? As was visible in last fall’s election, voters were against those who voted for the Bail Reform Act.

Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder has a long list of criminals who were released under this act, and then quickly rearrested by our hardworking law enforcement for gun-related offenses.

Enough is enough, and it’s time to repeal bail reform.

Leadership Is Needed

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan explains that he is a former State Trooper and Sheriff of Erie County. He knows the challenges faced by law enforcement, tirelessly keeping neighborhoods safe. New York’s reforms made to the criminal justice system have only made these jobs harder by favoring offenders over innocent families and victims.

Assemblyman Mike Reilly has similar experience. He is the former Lieutenant with the New York City Police Department, so he fully understands the dire consequences of weak-on-crime agendas and its negative impact on communities.

He stands with his Republican colleagues in a demand for Albany Democrats to restore common sense order to the state by passing Republican legislation.

As rightfully stated by Chief Patrick Phelan, “Judges must have the ability to make decisions about remanding dangerous criminals to jail for the safety of the communities they serve.” Undoing bail reform is vital to keep New Yorkers safe and restore the fairness of the criminal justice system.

Some dire results of extremist legislation include:

  • A nearly 47% increase in murder
  • Over 21% increase in overall crime index
  • 97% increase of hate crime rates in NYC
  • Nearly 39% increase in violent gun rates in the state outside of NYC
  • NY now has the highest demand for domestic violence help in the entire country

"For many years, Republicans were at the forefront of supporting and funding law enforcement and enacting tough-on-crime policies like Kendra’s Law and Megan’s Law with the public at the forefront of their minds."

Republicans want to invest in law enforcement and fight against “Defunding the Police”; reject mindless and dangerous “reforms” such as cashless bail; reform the damaged parole system; and pass a victim’s justice agenda.

Our Bail Agents' Stance

As a bonding company, we want what is best for public safety.

It is abundantly clear that “Bail Reform” is a massive failure and has put citizens and victims at risk, as well as increased crime rates- despite claims that it would do the opposite.

Republicans are right in wanting to create common-sense legislation to fix the justice system and finally take a stand against morally unsound laws.

Our bail bond agents are here to help anyone who needs a bail bond- but that doesn’t mean bail should be over and done with. It is a vital part of our justice system and keeps criminals out of the streets.

“Bail bonds near me” is a popular Google search, and you’ve ended up in the right place. Our team brings the best practices to custody pending trials and can help you get the bail bond you need.

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