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Should You Post Your Own Bail or use a Bail Bonds Company?

/ Mike Tayler

One question many people have when they get a call that their loved one has been arrested is whether they should post the bail amount themselves or work with an Englewood bail bonds agent. It’s an important question that actually has many more implications than most folks realize. In order to bring some clarity to the issue we’re going to look at the subject of bail, the factors that go into determining the amount of bail the court demands and the factors that weigh on the decision to either pay the bail yourself or work with an bail bondsman.

Square One: What is Bail?

Bail is a type of cash deposit system used by the judiciary to allow the release of suspects deemed to be of no immediate threat to themselves or society as a whole while those individuals await a court appearance. The bail amount is set by the court and intended as a type of insurance policy that gives the accused a powerful incentive to appear in court on the scheduled date. Because if they fail to do so and they posted bail themselves they will lose it all. If they posted bond by way of an Englewood bail bonds agent the agent will lose the money they put up and hold the indemnitor liable for their loss.

What Goes into Determining the Amount of Bail?

There are several factors that weigh on the court’s decision regarding how much bail to demand. Those factors include any prior arrest record, the seriousness of the crime in question, the likelihood of the suspect fleeing if they are released as well as the financial situation of the accused.

Is Bail the Same as a Bail Bond?

They’re related but not the same. The court sets the amount of bail a person must pay if they wish to obtain their release from custody while they await their court date. If the defendant or one of their loved ones wishes they can pay the entire bail amount themselves. As long as the accused does not violate the terms of their release this money will be returned at the end of the court proceedings. If the accused or their loved one cannot afford the entire bail amount the standard course of action is to enlist an Jefferson County Bail Bonds Agent. A contract, or “bond” is signed with the bondsman wherein the person agrees to pay a non-refundable fee (typically about 10% of the total bail amount) and the bondsman agrees to pay the bail. If the accused skips bail (flees) after being released the Englewood bondsman will lose the bail money they put up so the contract also obliges the guarantor (often called the “indemnitor”) to reimburse the bondsman for any money they lose.

Why You Should Post Your Own Bail

Many people who have adequate cash reserves elect to pay their own bail or the bail for their loved one out of their own pocket. In theory this simplifies the process and removes the specter of having to pay a fee to an agent. As long as the accused does not violate any of the terms of their release the money will be returned in full once court proceedings related to the charges have concluded.

Why You Should Hire an Englewood Bail Bonds Agent

In most cases people use an Englewood bondsman simply because they don’t have enough cash on hand to pay the full bail amount out of pocket. In such cases there is no realistic way of gaining the release of their loved one other than the bondsman. However, even in cases where someone has plenty of cash on hand to cover the bond stipulated by the court many opt to use the services of an bonds agent anyway. But why would they do that? For a number of reasons, including:

  • It’s faster - While paying bail directly without using an bondsman seems like it would be the fastest option the reality is that if your or your loved one are not familiar with the procedures and paperwork involved in obtaining release through bail you are likely in for an unpleasant surprise. In fact, it’s likely that by the time you figure everything out the accused could have been long ago released if you had used an experienced bondsman.

  • It’s practical - When you post bail by yourself for yourself or a loved one any money you put up is lost to you until all court proceedings in the case are concluded. Even in Jefferson County this could take many months or even years. In addition making large cash bail payments may bring unwanted scrutiny down on you by the powers that be, who become curious where you got so much money. In addition, the agent will be another powerful ally in your corner as your case or that of your loved one proceeds through the system. They’ll keep you informed of your rights and responsibilities and provide reminders of important upcoming dates in your case.


The American system of bail is not perfect but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. By enlisting the help of an experienced Englewood bondsman you’ll be helping to ensure your loved one is able to return to their normal life while awaiting their court date and that you and your privacy are shielded from unnecessary risk or intrusion.

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