Can I Take a Planned Vacation if I’m Out on Bail?

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There's no good time to get arrested - but some circumstances can feel much less convenient than others. If you're arrested on a Friday night, or with a long-awaited vacation just around the corner, you're almost certainly wondering what your rights are in the shortterm or how long it'll take to put this process behind you. Until they’ve had their day in court, a person who has been arrested has done nothing wrong as far as the law is concerned. So keeping them locked up under such circumstances is just not right. That’s where bail bonds come in. Bail allows the accused to resume their normal life while awaiting trial. But does that mean you can do whatever you like if you’re out on bail? What if, for instance, you had an international vacation already planned and paid for before you were arrested? Would you be allowed to take that vacation while on bail? Today's guide answers these questions and more about the Colorado bail bonding process.

Being Released Isn’t Necessarily the Same As Being Free

People have a lot of questions about bail and they harbor an equal number misconceptions as well. One of those is that the person out on bail is “free”. The fact is, that while the person out on bail or bond is no longer in custody and is technically “innocent”, they are not exactly “free”.

Whereas before their arrest they were able to go wherever they wanted whenever they wanted it’s likely that they now have travel restrictions placed on them. They may even be restricted to staying within Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, and Denver County. This can make things tricky for defendants who have already booked and paid for an expensive overseas vacation.

Traveling While Out On Bail

Why would a person who is presumed innocent and technically completely free of guilt as far as the law is concerned have their movements restricted? Why couldn’t you just hop on a plane and take that vacation you planned months ago?

Restrictions are placed on people released on bail because, while they are innocent in the eyes of the law, they’re also suspected of being guilty. Therefore, it’s in the interest of the state and the victims that the suspect not flee before they are called to answer the charges against them. It’s a fine line the system walks. That’s for sure. But both the release and the restrictions are done for good reasons.

So If I’m Out On Bail, Can I Take That Vacation?

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There is no single answer you can apply to all situations. It depends on a whole host of factors, including:

  • Your criminal history (if any) - If you have a long history of arrests and convictions it’s highly unlikely the court will allow you to leave the county, never mind the state or country.
  • The crime you’re charged with - The more serious the crime, the less likely you’ll be allowed to travel. Conversely, the less serious the crime the more likely you’ll be allowed some travel leeway.
  • The planned destination - If you are charged with selling drugs and want to take a trip to Columbia permission will probably be denied. If, however, you have been charged with driving to endanger and plan to take the family to EuroDisney it might be allowed.
  • Your community standing - Like it or not some people are given more leeway than others. If you own a company that is a major employer in town and you have a record of being an upstanding member of the community you’ll likely be treated more leniently than most other people. As long as you’re not accused of being a serial killer or terrorist.

Does the Bondsman Decide If I Can Take My Vacation?

Ultimately the court decides on the conditions of your bail. So any request to be allowed to travel will need to be taken up with the judge not the bail bonds agent. If you have already booked and paid for a vacation your attorney can bring it up during the bail hearing and it may have an impact on the judge’s decision. If the judge is willing to entertain the idea (some simply won’t), they will probably ask a number of questions such as:

  • Where are you planning to go?
  • Are you going alone or with family members?
  • Have you ever traveled to this place before?
  • Do you have any ties to the planned destination?
  • How long will you be gone?

If you are granted the right to go on your vacation the judge may add conditions. You may, for instance, be required to check in with your bail bonding agent once a day. Or you may be required to notify the court when you arrive at your destination or change hotels. Or the court may put no restrictions on you. Such things are typically decided on a case by case basis.

In reality if the judge has said you can go ahead with your trip to EuroDisney there isn’t a lot the court can do to keep tabs on you, so any restrictions will likely be minimal. The court may however, make clear that this is a one-time exception they are allowing. So once you return, that’s it. No more traveling until you’ve appeared in court to face the charges against you.

It’s All About the Circumstances

Finally, if you appear at your bail hearing and ask the court to allow you to take a trip to Paris that you haven’t booked or paid for yet you’re likely to be met with raised eyebrows from the bench and a firm “request denied”. Keep in mind too that if the charges against you are sufficiently serious - manslaughter or something of the like - your chances of getting a photo with EuroMickey are slim and none, whether you’ve already paid for your trip or not.

What if I'm Arrested on the Weekend?

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At Tayler Made Bail Bonding, our team of licensed bail agents handles lots of questions from those who have been arrested or those hoping to bail them out. One of the most common inquiries is whether or not a person can be bailed out on the weekend. Most average folks don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it, but the Friday to Sunday period is actually when they are most likely to find themselves behind bars.

Why Is That?

A large percentage of weekend arrests tend to be related to people blowing off steam after a long stressful work week. Perhaps they had one too many and were stopped while trying to drive home. Or maybe they got in an altercation in a bar or club. Or came to the aid of a friend who was involved in an altercation and wound up getting arrested along with the main combatants.

Whatever the reason, once a person finds themselves behind bars on a Friday or Saturday night the question of whether they’ll be able to go home before Monday typically rears its head.

Do Bail Bonds Agents Work on the Weekend?

While most everyone else is enjoying their weekend bondsmen are hard at work. That’s because, as we mentioned, jails tend to be busy places between Friday night and Sunday night.

Therefore, if you or your loved one should run afoul of the law over the weekend you can count on the pros at Tayler Made to be there for you. It’s important to remember however, that there is no guarantee you’ll be able to post bail and go home right away.

Why Is That?

That’s because the question of whether someone can be bailed out over the weekend depends almost entirely on the crime they have been arrested for, their behavior following arrest and their arrest record, if any.

For instance: if they were arrested for driving under the influence, were barely over the legal limit, did not give the arresting officer any guff and have a clean record there is a good chance they can go home that very night.

On the other hand, if they were swerving all over the road, abusive or otherwise belligerent to the officer that stopped them and have a police record there’s a good chance they’ll be spending the night in jail.

Also, if they were arrested for a serious crime such as aggravated assault chances are the police will hold them until they can be arraigned before a judge on Monday. That becomes even more likely if they have a police record.

Posting Bail On the Weekend

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If the person in question was arrested on a misdemeanor charge and has a clean record chances are the jail authorities will present them with a bail amount drawn from a bail schedule. Paying the cash bail amount on the spot is without a doubt the fastest way to secure release.

Jails will accept cash paid by the accused or by a loved one who presents themselves at the jail. A growing number of jails will also accept credit - and in some cases debit - cards provided by the arrested individual or by a loved one who appears at the jail.

Posting a Bond On the Weekend

If neither the accused nor their loved one are able to come up with the cash necessary to satisfy the bail demand they will need to enlist the services of a qualified bail bondsman like the pros at Tayler Made. We’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If the authorities don’t require the accused to be held for arraignment there is a good chance we can secure their release within 12 hours of being contacted, regardless of what day it is. If, however, authorities insist the accused appear before a judge we will not be able to secure their release until after the preliminary hearing on Monday at the earliest.

Working With Us

If your loved one has been arrested over the weekend and is being held in Jefferson County, Arapahoe County or Denver County, contact our bail bonding team by calling (303) 623-0399. Make sure you have all the following information on hand when you do:

  • The jail where your loved one is being held - There are numerous jails in the Denver area. We’ll need to know which one of them is holding your loved one to be able to help.
  • The full legal name of the person being held - Whether that person is you, your loved one or a friend we need their full legal name.
  • The booking number of the person being held - The booking number is what the police or sheriff’s department use to identify a person in custody. It’s a unique identifier that separates your loved one from anyone else who may have the same name.
  • The charges - Understanding the charges against you or your loved one helps us provide more effective service. It also enables us to provide you with a more realistic timeline on when you can expect release.
  • The bail amount - Obviously we’ll need to know the bail amount in order to be able to secure a bond for you or your loved one.

Getting arrested on the weekend adds an extra wrinkle or two to the proceedings. But no one is more experienced when it comes to smoothing out wrinkles than Tayler Made Bail Bonding. Contact us 24/7 for help right away.

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